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What we are about

Paradise Body Works all started back in late 2001 as a hobby. I always enjoyed crafts and creating things, so I tried my hand at making soap. I quickly became consumed by experimenting with artistic designs and fragrance combinations. I then realized I had made far more soap than we could possibly use; Thus, I decided to see if I could market it. During this time, I also discovered how different my skin was. The dry patches and inflammation had gone! Friends and family were amazed that their eczema and other skin disorders were getting much better. After a time of research, I was made aware of how many chemicals – hardeners and preservatives being among a few – were put into regular soap.

Our Creative History

Originally, I sold to family and friends, as well as at craft shows. I soon had half a dozen stores ordering my products. I then branched out into the “home party” venue, which brought in repeat customers. Word got around about my unique products and I now have buyers from all over the country.

My artistic desire and the drive to make more beneficial skin products have also lead me to branch out to making many other products, including but not limited to bath salts, lotions, and candles.

At first, the business was named “Heaven Scent,” as I strongly felt that God had given me this gift to help me with the passing of my mother. In 2014, God brought my business partner Scott and I together, and we decided to rename the business to Paradise Body Works. Our combined goals and desire to make more “skin friendly” products has become our passion. We want to share our safe, healthy, no-chemicals products with you.


Welcome to Paradise Body Works. God bless,

Sandy and Scott



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